Bigg boss 16

Bigg boss 16 1st October 2022 Hind Full Tv Show

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Bigg boss 16 1st October 2022 Hind Full Tv Show
Bigg Boss 16, starring Salman Khan, hits TV screens starting October 1, with a new promo dropped by the creators.

Show creators are turning promotions on and off. Earlier today, they released a new promo featuring Salman Khan on his official Instagram profile. In the promo Khan could be heard saying:
“50 50 kos dur jab bacha rat ko royega, tab maa khahegi beta sojaa varna Bigg Boss aajayega. Bigg Boss 16 game Badrega Kyuki Bigg Boss Khud Khelega.”

The promo caption reads:
“Abu Gabba Be Ragaga Piyala Jab Big Boss Kood Aenge Bhajaan Candidate Ki Bala. Dekhiye #Bigg Boss16, Oct 1, raat 9:
According to sources, Sharin Bannott will be the first contender for Big Boss 16. Sources say, “Sharin was approached in the past last season, but due to other commitments, she could not accept at the time.” However, he has now agreed to be part of Bigg Boss 16 and looks forward to being part of the show.

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