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The film is based on story of folklorist Vijadan Detha. Kishnu got married with immensely beautiful women Kajri. Thakur of the village had bad intentions towards Kajri so he asked his special man Bhoja to get Kajri for him but Kajri was very loyal towards her husband and one day she attacked Thakur in her defence. Rather than praising her, Kishnu warns Kajri to not to behave like this with Thakur ever again and this was the heartbreak for Kajri as she never imagined a husband who will leave her alone to fight with the world. Sad Kajri was trying to convince herself that if her husband will see him with any other man he will definitely react. Here Bhoja fell in love with Kajri and this gave her idea to test her husband by using Bhoja to see her husband’s reaction.

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Genre: Drama
Duration: 102 Min

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